Hey, I'm Adam Renklint

adamrenklint.com v8

In a recent fit of inspiration, I channeled my new passion for Clojure to redesign and rebuild my website. I wanted to keep the design as simple and readable as possible, an homage to minimalist unstyled html.


The new version is built with Perun, a Clojure library for generating static sites with Boot. Content is written in Markdown and rendered with composable functions that return Hickup vectors.


Thanks to boot-reload, I live coded both design and content with Atom and Chrome in split screen - a very fun and productive workflow.

Finally, I'm using Netlify to host the site. On every push to a pull request or branch, a perpetual immutable deployment, with its own url, is built with Boot in a Docker container.

To deploy changes to production, I simply merge into master.

If you are interested in reading the source or want to fork the website for your own purposes, it's available on GitHub under the MIT license.

Published on December 4, 2017.
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